Integrating with an HRIS System

Using Meetsy to improve employee engagement and connect your teams to one another? Make it easier by integrating your HRIS system, available on our Empower Plan.

Why use an HRIS integration?

Your HRIS integration enables Meetsy to recognize when there are new or existing employees on your team, and we will automatically create a profile for them in your group. If you do not use an HRIS integration, you will need to manually invite new employees as they join your team.

Meetsy will automatically fill out the profiles of your team members with their name, profile image, email, location, job title, and who their manager is. And when someone is removed in your HRIS system, or their job title, manager, or other fields change, those changes will sync to Meetsy. Meetsy will automatically add the new team members to the directory, where anyone can search for them based on HRIS and profile attributes.

Admins can easily add new or existing employees to Audiences that reflect their role and position in the company, as well as invite them to onboardingGroup Discussions, Match programs to network with other new employees, and more to help them learn all about being a part of your company. They can be introduced, then schedule conversations themselves by navigating to their teammate’s profiles.

When employees are added to your HRIS, they will receive an invite to join your Meetsy group, respond tosignup questions, and create their Personal User Guide. Once their profile is set up, they can start participating in the group!

How to Set up or Manage your HRIS integration

To set up or manage your HRIS integration,

  1. Select Admin tab
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select HRIS on the top menu bar

If you already have an existing HRIS integration with Meetsy, you will see it displayed on the top of the page. To manage your integration, select Manage. Once you re-access your integration settings, you can change how it integrates with your Meetsy group.

To connect a new HRIS to your Meetsy group,

  1. Select Choose HRIS Provider (see below for list of available integrations)
  2. Select the HRIS provider that your team uses
  3. Follow the steps required by your company’s HRIS (some require you to login, others require an API key).
  4. When you have successfully completed your integration, you will see this popup.
  5. Next, you can choose which teams to sync to your Meetsy group. Then select Import.
  6. Your employee information will upload to your group. You’ll receive an email notification when it’s complete.

After team members are ported into Meetsy, what should I do next?

Next, you should choose how to notify your team that their Meetsy profiles are ready to be set up! You can do so sharing the invitation link or Slack DM 

You can find your group’s invitation link in your Admin Settings menu. Select the Invite tab, then scroll down to copy it and share it with your team. As each member selects the link and enters their work email address, they’ll be brought to edit their own unique profiles.

To share the invitation by Slack DM, team members will receive an invitation Slack DM if you toggle on Also send invites via Slack. (Only if you have also integrated Slack).

When your team members click the invitation link, it will invite them to set up their Meetsy profile. The link will expire after 2 days. so if you need to re-invite a staff member to the Meetsy group, you can do so in your Admin Users menu. The team members will appear in the Invited tab.

Before you send the invitations, consider your profile and waitlist settings:

If you do not wish to review profiles before they are completed, as soon as the team members select Save, they will be able to start interacting with the group and be matched with others.

If you would like to review profiles for completion before they are added to the group, you can turn on the Waitlist setting in the Sign-On menu. You can always view and take action on your Waitlisted members in the Waitlist section of your Users menu.

To review a member’s profile while they are on the waitlist, view the Pending tab in your Admin Members tab.  

If you see that a member’s profile is incomplete, communicate to the team member that they should complete any incomplete sections before they are approved. Or, you can share that they should add more but go ahead and approve them so they can start interacting. Once waitlisted members are approved, they’ll receive a notification that they are approved to access and participate in the group!  

What else you should consider preparing before inviting your team members to the group

Have your PUG and signup questions all saved, and your preferred profile and waitlist settings set as preferred.

Write an announcement on the Overview page, that welcomes and guides staff on how to participate in the group. You might invite them to key group discussions, when match day will be, how to start conversations with other staff, and to create their own group discussions!

Consider having key group discussions, or even fun happy hour subjects hosted within the Group Discussions feature, already set up: (links)

Consider onboarding new employees through your HRIS integration with Meetsy

As new team members are being onboarded to your company, use Meetsy features to create great onboarding experiences for your newest hires.

We recommend Match Programs like these:

  1. Company wide coffee chats
  2. Onboarding new hires
  3. Role specific mentorship
  4. Learning and development
  5. Leadership lottery
  6. Teammate PUG review

We suggest adding new employees to a “New Employee” and “Mentee” audiences, using our Introduction feature to ensure they have key conversations with team members and company leaders they will be working with, and Group Discussions specially designed for new employees to learn all about your company’s activities, teams, and goals.

Our integrations are through Merge, to learn more about specific requirements for integrating with HRIS systems please see this page. Note that Paylocity requires customers to submit a form to Paylocity to get access to their API, and Rippling requires a paid key from Rippling. 

We partner with the following HRIS providers 

  • ADP Workforce Now
  • AlexisHR
  • BambooHR
  • Ceridian Dayforce
  • ChartHop
  • Factorial
  • Freshteam
  • Gusto
  • HR Cloud
  • HR Partner
  • Hibob
  • Justworks
  • Lano
  • Namely
  • Nmbrs
  • Paychex
  • Paylocity
  • Personio
  • Rippling
  • SAP Success Factors
  • Sage HR
  • Sapling
  • Square Payoll
  • TriNet
  • UKG Pro
  • UKG Ready
  • Workday
  • Zenefits