How to create your Personal User Guides - for Members

Your Personal User Guide (PUG), or profile page, is your space to represent yourselves, interests, and goals to your team. Your PUG will appear in the Directory Tab, where teammates can scroll to your page and request to meet with you. And your PUG will appear on the side of video chats, so when you’re matching with others you can provide a quick reference to who you are to matches.

Learn more about how authoring great Personal User Guides:

To view or edit your PUG,

  1. Select the invitation link that was sent to you by your Admin or People Partner Team


  1. Select Directory, then enter your name in the search bar, then select View Pug


2. Select Edit at the top of the page to edit your basic information and social links, remember to select save.

3. Select Edit beside any of the questions to enter your response, then select Save.


Here is where you can get creative! Your admins have set the questions that are important for the group to know about you. Fill out everything as best as you can, and don’t forget to select Save!


Tips for writing a great PUG:

Here are a few articles to help you understand everything about PUGs:1,2,3.

We recommend that you respond in a conversational tone, and respond to every question with as much detail as possible. The more detailed you are, the more people will understand how you work and be excited to have great meetings with you!