Setting Up Personal User Guides for your teams

Personal User Guides (PUG), are an excellent Meetsy feature for your team members to share who they are, what they work on, their interests, and how they like to be communicated with.
PUGs are an excellent way for teammates to get to know one another. When your team members are matched, their PUG profile page is the first thing they’ll see and can spark many fun and engaging conversations.
PUGs are an additional layer of questions specially designed for companies who use Meetsy. When PUGs are turned on, profile pages are turned off.
To create a PUG template for your Meetsy group,

1. Select Admin menu

2. Select Personal User Guides

3. Select +Create New

4. Fill in the Template Title and other fields. The Basic Info fields will be the fist thing your team will see when they are invited to complete a PUG, so include plenty of context and direction as needed for your team.  

5. Consider choosing a notification frequency that best fits your company. Your Teams PUGs should change as their roles and lives change.

6. Select Next Step, then fill in the questions. 

Note: You can choose from suggested questions by selecting Browse Questions, selecting the questions you would like to include, then selecting Done. You can also add Custom Questions, by selecting +Custom Questions and typing in the question. If you’d like to divide your PUGs into sections, add new sections by selecting Add Section.

7. When you are finished, you can select Create Template.

Once created, you can view your template at any time and create new ones.

If you’d like to ensure your members upload a profile photo and/or would like a chance to review their PUG before it’s approved, consider toggling on Require Profile Photo and Waitlist settings, in your Admin Sign-On menu