How to create a new Meetsy group

Ready to bring together a community of people into a Meetsy group? We think you are!

If you are brand new to Meetsy do not yet have your own account, you can create an account and start your group here!

If you have an account already and are a member of other Meetsy groups, you can Use Meetsy to connect your people button on your account page.

Once created, your new group will start on a free Community plan. You can invite new users, create match engagements and group discussions, set up your profile, and work on your first group announcement. When you are ready to have more advanced tools, you can update your plan in your Admin Settings tab by selecting Plans. Check out the Meetsy for Admins section of our Knowledge Base for more articles about running a group!

To help you focus on the steps to launching your successful Meetsy group, we have included a Getting Started section in the Overview tab of your group. This window will disappear once you have completed each of the steps: uploading a logo, choosing matching questions, creating at least one match program, and adding your first 15 members.