Creating Post-Meeting Feedback Surveys

Post Meeting Feedback surveys are available on the Enterprise plan. As an admin, you can customize the questions to ensure they are gathering the metrics most important to your team, and to prime match participants to reflect on the quality of their matches and if they want to improve them.

Post-Meeting Feedback Surveys are an excellent way for admins to:

  • Understand the quality of their Match Programs
  • Surface quantitative data on your matches
  • Receive anecdotes or highlights from match participants
  • Get easily notified if there is an issue
  • Prompt match participants to think about their discussion and experience, which can help drive quality

To create a Post-Meeting Feedback Survey:

  1. Go to Admin tab
  2. Select Match Programs

3. Scroll to the Match Program you wish to add a survey, and select Edit Program

4. Select Meeting Survey tab

5. Select +Create Question, then edit the questions you’d like to have participants respond to

6. Select Save\

How will the survey appear to match participants?

The survey will appear to participants after the match is scheduled to take place and will appear even if the match didn’t take place (so participants can indicate if that happened and why).

A window pops up either after the match is over or the next time a person visits the Meetsy group page. They’ll be able to respond to the questions, then select submit after the survey is completed.  

If the participant indicates that the Match Program didn’t take place, these options appear so they can indicate why:


  • If participants are set to meet multiple times with the same person, the feedback survey will only appear after the last meeting
  • Consider asking questions that are important for your team metrics and goals for defining success in the program, as well as questions that can help matches think about their participation and improve conversations.

Viewing Feedback Survey Results

  1. Scroll to the Match Program, then select Edit Program
  2. Select Meeting Survey
  3. Select Respones