Trouble Signing In

If you’ve never signed in before, here are a few common solutions:
  • Try clicking the invitation link you may have received to your email address
  • If the link has expired, try going to the group’s Meetsy page to join and create your profile
  • If you’re unsure of the Meetsy’s group page, check with the admin or another member
Invited by Slack
  • If you were invited to participate in a Meetsy group through a Slack workspace/community, check your DMs
  • If the link has expired, go to the group’s page and sign up to join the group using the same email address you used to sign up for your Slack account
Invited by HRIS integration
  • If you are just joining your organization, check your email or Slack DMs for the invitation link
  • If you cannot find the invitation link, ask your People Team/HR admin to resend you the invitation link
I’ve signed in before, but can’t any longer:
  • Try going to the group page in an incognito/private browser
  • Check your phone, to see if a confirmation code was sent to your text messages

If you continue to have trouble signing in, please contact your Meetsy admin or us at