FAQ for Admins

Is it free to start a new group?
  • Yes, it’s free! You can preset many of your basic settings and explore the group, but when you are ready to expand your group and have more features - you can chat with us anytime.
How does matching work?
  • We match users based on their profile questions and role in the community. For example, our matching program can match funders and startup founders, people who are interested in gardening, or so many other factors.

Can I recored a meetsy?

  • Yes, you can record your Meetsy matches and group discussions if you are on the Community or Enterprise plans.
What white-labeling  options are there?
  • White-labeling is available on our enterprise plan. You can edit your logo, banner, appearance and many other aspects of your Meetsy group.
Can we remove “create Meetsy group” button from the member view?
  • Yes, although only for groups on the enterprise plan. If you go to /admin/settings/white-label you can set ‘Meetsy Branding’ to hidden
Intros from Bradley — can these only be removed or white-labelled on Enterprise?
  • On the Empower plan you can create a custom welcome message and choose to have it sent from one of the admins (or turn it off altogether). We’re planning on changing the default from ‘Bradley from Meetsy’ to ‘Meetsy Bot’ as well.
When a member reports another member, where do the reports/bans go?
  • Admins of the groups are notified by email.
Why didn’t one of my members get matched?
  • This could be due to several reasons, including that they have a custom matching frequency (they chose to be matched less frequently) and there is an odd number of people in your match program (they'll be matched next time).
How do I put my group on hiatus?
  • You can turn match introductions off for all of your match programs at once, by going to your Admin settings and turning off the Send introductions toggle. You can also turn off each of your match programs individually, but going into their settings.
Why are some of my members meeting less than others?
  • Even when you set a match program to meet weekly, your members might not be able to meet as often. Members can change their match frequency as well.
What happens when a member “ghosts” their match several times in a row?
  • If someone doesn't meet 3 times in a row, they will be removed from that match program.
Can I record the meetings?
  • Not at this time, but this may be a tool in the future.
How do I delete a Meetsy group?
  • Email support@meetsy.io to request that your group be deleted.
When does the match/launch date take place by frequency?
  • An admin sets the day of the week and frequency for when matches take place. 
What integrations does Meetsy support?
  • Meetsy currently supports Slack and Google Calendar integrations, with plans to add more in the near future.
How many people can be on a call at once?
  • Up to 200 people supported on a call