How to create a match program

Note: Only Admins can set up a Match program.

A matching program allows you to set criteria for when your community’s members can regularly meet one another. You can set criteria based on time or role within the community.

There are three sections to setting up a Match Program: Match Details, Match Logic, and Review. 

Match Details

1. Select Admin tab on the left sidebar, then choose Match Programs.

2. Select +Create New.

3. Choose a topic, from common topics in Browse Topics or by creating your own by selecting +Custom Topic.

4. Next, choose the specifications for when matches should be sent to your community for this match program. Note: individuals can also change when they receive matches in their individual profile settings if you toggle on Allow Custom Frequency. 5. Choose a time setting for How long should meetings last. Check the box, Auto schedule with calendar invite, if you’d always like the meetings to occur at the same time. For example, always on Thursdays at 1pm.

6. Choose a meeting discussion from the preset list in Browse Prompts, or create a custom one by selecting +Custom Prompt.

Match Logic

If you choose Match users randomly:

  • All users can match with each other and there are no preconditions.
  • Add at least 2 questions to the short answer profile questions, which will provide participants more information for them to spark discussions when they meet.
  • Then choose Next Step.
  • Review the message and accent color, then chose Visibility settings

If you choose Based on data & match questions: 

  • Our algorithm will create smart matches based on data you and community members provide.
  • You can then choose or create at least 3 questions to help our program make smart matches.  
  • If you choose Yes, only specific users should be matched, participants can self-identify to be a part of different audiences. For example, mentors and mentees. When a match occurs, members of one audience will only be matched with people outside their audience based on the rules that you set.
  • When a community has more participants in some audiences over others, or don’t meet all the criteria, there can be “leftovers.” If you toggle Match Leftover Users on, those members will still be matched with participants.
  • Add at least 2 questions to the short answer profile questions, which will provide participants with more information about who they’re matched with, to help participants spark discussions when they meet.
  • Select Done! Generate the signup link. Distribute the signup link to participants for the match program.

Available in Enterprise Plan: Mentorship Matching 

Use Meetsy’s dedicated tooling for Mentorship programs to create meetings between experts and novices in any subject field, fostering valuable ongoing relationships and intentional matching to create the most beneficial pairings possible.

Now, when setting up a match program, in the Match Details section, you can indicate that each match should meet a certain number of times in a row before being matched with someone new. 

These options will appear when you change the field, Number of Meetings per Match, to more than 1 meeting. 

  • Choose how many meetings per match occur, then choose how often you want them to occur
  • Pre-fill the session titles and prompts 
  • Complete the rest of the match program setup, and don't forget to hit save!

Note: When matches choose the first meeting, the rest of their meetings will be automatically-scheduled based on the cadence and number of meetings. For example, if a member is matched with someone for 3 times on a weekly cadence and they choose Mondays at 1pm, Meetsy would automatically schedule two more matches between them on the following two Mondays at 1pm.