How to edit signup questions

Tip: Signup questions are an integral part of how Meetsy works. Meetsy uses signup questions to create matches and build audiences. Additionally, your members will also use the questions to help spark great conversations! 

Adding New or Editing Existing Questions 

  1. Select Admin menu.
  2. Select Signup Questions.
  3. Note: when Universal Signup Questions is toggled on, all members will be required to answer the listed questions.

Best Practices for Adding Signup Questions

Before adding questions, here are some best practices to set you up for success. You can order questions, make a certain number of responses required for a question, and control when a question appears on each member’s public profile or only to admins of the Meetsy account.
To remove a question: 
  1. Uncheck the question if it’s a standard question. If it’s a custom question, hover your mouse over the question and select the trash can button.

To reorder the questions: 
  1. Select the question you'd like to move. 
  2. Use the up and down arrows next to the questions to change the order.
To change if a question is optional: 
  1. Hover your mouse over the question, and select the Gear button.
  2. Select Mark as optional, then make preferred selection.
To change if a question is visible on member profiles: 
  1. Hover your mouse over the question, and select the Gear button.
  2. Select Visible on profile, then make preferred selection.
  3. You can set up questions as Short Answer or Multiple choice. 
To include a short answer: 

1. Check which standard questions you would like to ask, including Hometown, Workplace, and Job Title.

2. Add any custom questions by selecting the Custom + button. The custom questions will appear in the right side of the window. Scroll to where you see Custom Question and type in the question and responses.
Note: When you are editing the question, you can customize the number of responses required for that question by selecting the gear button by hovering your mouse over the top right.
To add a multiple choice question: 

1. Check the standard questions you’d like asked, like Location and Goals, or add a custom question by selecting Custom +. 

2. Scroll to where the question appears on the right side, and edit the question text and the options that are offered.
3. Set the minimum and maximum number of required responses for each question.
4. Select  Save and you're all set!