How to use the Slack Integration

Tip: Slack can be a great way for your teammates to keep up to date with their matches and meetings!

To access the Slack settings:

1. Select the Admin menu.

2. Select the Settings tab.

3. Select the Slack settings.

4. Follow the steps to connect your Slack workspace.

If  you already have Meetsy users with the same email address as their profiles in the Slack space, they will start to receive notifications as long as same email addresses are the same between their Meetsy and Slack accounts. If you would like to invite Slack members who are not yet members of your Meetsy group to join, see below!

The Slack bot will create a conversation between the two matched people, prompts them to choose a time if not yet already selected, share updates about the time, and remind them to meet when it's time. 

Invite Members via your Slack Integration

Integrating Meetsy into your Slack workspace or community space? Meetsy provides you with the ability to invite members to your Meetsy in several ways. Here's everything you need to know.

Customizing your Invite- DM

You can customize the message that members will be DM’d in your Slack space. When editing the DM, use Slack Markdown formatting to ensure it appears just right to each recipient.

Choosing Audiences to invite your Slack members

When you specify audiences, the members you invite via your Slack integration will automatically be added into those audiences. This can be helpful, as you set up Group Discussions and Match Programs that include members of specific audiences.

Invite All

When you choose to Invite All members to your Meetsy group, every single member currently in your Slack workspace will receive an invitation link to join the group by Slack DM. As members join your Slack workspace, they will receive invitation DMs.

Inviting by Channels  

When you specify that only certain channels should be invited to your Meetsy group, only members of those channels will receive the invitation DM. As members join those channels, they will also receive an invitation DM from the Meetsy bot.

Invite individually

When you choose this option, only the members who have matching email addresses linked to their Slack profiles will receive DM invitations. You can re-enter their email addresses to send DMs to them multiple times.

HRIS Integration and Slack

Many companies have Slack workspaces and HRIS systems. When you are using both an HRIS integration and a Slack integration with your Meetsy group, you can toggle this feature on to send invitation links to your teammates via Slack.

Will members be invited as they join a channel or a Slack workspace?

Yes, members will receive the invitation DM from the Meetsy bot to join your group as they join your Slack workspace. How do I track who has accepted the invitation and who has not yet?

Once the invitations are sent, you can track the invitations in your Members tab using the Invited filter.