FAQ - Meetsy for Members

Where do I go to change my meeting frequency?

  • In your introductions tab, you can edit your Match Frequency by selecting Edit next to each Match program you are a member of.
How does matching work?
  • Depending on the match engagement, they can be random or based on the signup questions.
Is there a way to temporarily deactivate your Meetsy profile without deleting it? Like to pause intros/scheduling?
  • Click on the Introductions tab, then click Edit on the match program. Click ‘Off’ to pause matching.
Where is my next match?
  • Right under the Unscheduled or Upcoming section on your left sidebar. If you have an unscheduled match, click it to select a time!
How can I add meetings to my calendar?
  • You can sync your calendar (Meetsy currently supports Google calendar, but does not sync with Outlook or Yahoo). 
Why didn’t I receive a match?
  • When there is an odd number of people in your match program, you may not receive a match every time.
Where are my previous matches?
  • They will appear in the Recent or Archived folder. You can continue chatting and select a new meeting time if you’d like to continue the conversation!  
Will I ever be matched with the same person again?
  • You will never be matched with the same person again. If you would like to carry on a conversation with an old match, you can navigate to your meeting in the Archived or Recent folders, or search for them in the Users tab and request a new meeting.

How many people can be on a call at once?

  • Up to 200 people are supported on any given call.