How to login and logout of your Meetsy account

Login to your Meetsy Account

1. To sign in to your Meetsy account, visit the login page, enter the email address or phone number tied to your account, and then select Continue.

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2. Once you select Continue, a 4 digit access code will be sent either to the email address or phone number you entered. Note: you will have up to two hours to use the code to login before it’s expired. You can resend the code if necessary.

3. After you enter the 4 digit access code successfully, you’re all set! You’ll be taken directly to your Overview  page.

4. If you are in more than one Meetsy group, you can quickly toggle between your different groups by clicking the logo of the group you’re currently viewing in the top left hand corner of the page. From there, you can navigate to the group you want to view by selecting the appropriate logo.

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Logout of your Meetsy Account

Note: If you're in more than one Meetsy group, you can decide whether or not you want to log out of one group or all of your groups. 

1. Navigate to the Meetsy homepage

2. From there, you can either select profile icon in the top left and select Logout if you'd like to logout of all your Meetsy groups or you can select a specific Meetsy group and follow the same steps to logout of that specific group.