How to manage your audio and video settings during a meeting

How do I record a meetsy?

  • Select record to start recording. When one person has already started recording, no other participants can do so. After your Meetsy is completed, the file will download to your computer. 

How do I mute myself?

  • Select the microphone button, then select mute.


How do I turn my camera on and off?

  • Select the camera button, then turn the camera on or off.

How do I view other participants in the video chat?

  • Select the People button, then view the others who are joining the Meetsy conversation!

How do I share my screen?

  • To share your screen, select the Share button. Note that your computer may have settings that prohibit this. If it doesn’t work right away, edit your computer’s settings to allow screen sharing. You may need to restart the video chat or your browser for it to take effect.

How do I view all participants or just the person who is speaking?

  • On the top right corner of your video screen, you can change between speaker and grid views.

How do I edit my audio and video settings? 

  • Select the arrow next to the camera button, then select video settings. You can edit your microphone, camera, and other settings here.  


How do I see everyone in the chat, or just the main speaker? 

  • Change between Speaker view and Grid view, on the upper right corner.