How to block or report a person

To block a person from sending you meeting invitations or being matched to you, you can take the following steps: 

  1. Select the Group menu.
  2. Select the person's name in the Unscheduled or Upcoming tab.
  3. Select the dropdown arrow next to More Options in the right sidebar.
  4. Select Block or Report.
  5. Make a selection to block the user by toggling on or off the Block user option. If you leave off, you will only report the person. If you leave on, you will both block and report the person.
  6. Select Submit.
Additional Options:
  • If you would like to block the person from contacting you, but not report this to the attention of the Meetsy admin, check Don’t report abuse.
  • If you would like to ensure that a message is also communicated to the admin of your group when you block the person, please choose one of the other options and include a message before selecting Submit