Group Discussions Page

The group discussions page is an excellent place for your community to spark conversations and create virtual events. 
  • Any member of your Meetsy group can create a discussion topic, but only admins can specify audiences and visibility. 
  • Group Discussion notifications go out on Monday or Thursday, if there are any upcoming. 
To edit or delete an existing Group Discussion: 
  1. Select the discussion and select Edit. Make the desired changes and then select Save. 
  2. If you'd like to edit previous Group Discussions, you can do so by viewing them in the Previous menu.
To create a new Group Discussion:
  1. Select +Create New
  2. Choose the desired selections, then select Create Group Discussion.
  3. If you check the box Repeat every.., you can choose how often this discussion takes place. If you do not check this box, it will be a one time discussion.
  4. In the Who can see this? section, you can limit who can participate in the group discussion based on the audiences you have created and an attendee limit. If a member RSVPs to one group discussion, they will not be automatically RSVP’d to future group discussion events.