How to change your match frequency

Perhaps you’re going on vacation, sabbatical, or would like to take a break from being matched with others while continuing to be a member of a Meetsy group. Or perhaps you’d like to meet more frequently. Either way, Admins in a Meetsy group can provide you with the option to change your match frequency based on how often you'd like to meet other members in your Meetsy group. Sometimes Admins prevent people from editing their match frequencies, so this option may not be available in all Match Programs. 

Most Meetsy groups have more than one match program. To edit how often you are matched with other members, you’ll need to go into each match program and edit your preference for your profile.
To turn off matching for your profile within a match program: 
  1. Select the Matches tab.
  2. Scroll to the match program you want to adjust your preferences, and select Edit 
  3. Edit your Match Frequency settings, then select Save changes.